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In order to provide the best possible level of services we choose to work with a small and very select group of clients.  We also choose not to operate under a published pricing list for our services. This is due to the necessarily collaborative nature of designing customized marketing materials.  You’re (The Client) designs complexity and  you’re response time in resolving design issues are critical to the profitability of any project.

As an example, consider you want a custom brochure designed. Let’s say the design you have in mind is very simple and straightforward, you are willing to commit to responding to issues on an ASAP basis and consequently your project will only take 25% of the time required to complete another client’s very complex design with a similar response agreement. Should we charge both clients the same?  We don’t think so…it’s not fair to you or us.

This being the case it is our policy to come to a “meeting of the minds” with each client before beginning any new project.  We will reach agreement about our mutual expectations including project schedule and pricing before proceeding and either party may withdraw without obligation prior to final agreement.  If this arrangement is acceptable we ask that you take the time to schedule a no obligation consultation about your marketing materials needs by completing the form below.

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